Badthameez Store offers 10 per cent discount on the first order
      badthameez store



      Hyderabad, June 3: Badthameez Store, an online retailer of designer-built trendy and premium phone cases and a range of other products, offers a 10 per cent discount to customers on their first order.

      Badthameez Store has a wide range of phone cases in different collections, including couple cases, superheroes, cartoons, floral, cricketers, and many more, that can be easily customised based on one's preferences and prevailing trends, quotes, music.

      At Badthameez, we offer premium phone cases that can be personalised to reflect the user's personality. As Indian customers become increasingly fashionable and trendy, we believe there is a huge untapped market for personalised phone cases," said Md Abdul Sattar, the 21-year-old Founder of Badthameez Store.

      Though it is just over two years old, Hyderabad-based Badthameez is already making waves. It has already established a presence in Mumbai and plans to expand to other key markets across the country.

      The startup raised Rs. 10 lakh as seed funding in March, which it will use to open two warehouses in Mumbai and Chennai to reduce the shipping time of rapidly-growing orders. 


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